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Dedicated to Teaching People of All Ages and Abilities to Learn To Swim

About Us

SwimSmart School is an unconventional swim school. The curriculum focuses on building skills rapidly unlike typical swim schools. An intensive lesson format, where students take several days of PRIVATE lessons (typically 4) per week for 4-6 weeks, provides a framework for establishing solid basic swimming skills and the foundation to becoming an independent, safer swimmer quickly. SwimSmart School welcomes children of all abilities and teaches students with different spectrum disorders and downs syndrome.

Owner/Instructor, Carla Haney, aka "Miss Carla", has been teaching swim lessons to children for 20 years and in the North Dallas area since 2016. Prior to coming to Dallas, she taught in Florida, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. She developed her own teaching methods due to the inadequacies of the national program she had been certified to teach.  She has a M.Ed. and utilizes many of the principles learned in becoming a certified teacher to instruct swim lessons.


She has trained other instructors on her techniques with infants and toddlers/preschoolers. She is looking forward to training more instructors to provide greater access to swim lessons using her methodologies. Coach Tamara will be booking lessons in McKinney through SwimSmart School's registration process while continuing to be mentored by Miss Carla. Please see Coach Tamara's information under the Affiliated Instructors Page.

Her focus is on having children learn to swim in an emotionally nurturing environment that includes the parent. By using a team approach your child will quickly acquire the skills needed to be an independent swimmer.  She is often described by parents as a “swim whisperer” by using kindness with a firm hand. This is done by focusing on positive behaviors with praise and encouragement and the use of can and do language. Since lessons are individualized for each student, she adapts the lessons based on the child’s personality, learning style, and development. Her no-nonsense approach provides the children with the self-confidence they need to thrive. She recognizes and respects the whole child as a cognitive, feeling person.

She welcomes parents to contact her to discuss any details about the lessons or how the lessons will meet the specific goals they have for their child. 

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